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Sometimes you need a fresh shot and sometimes you want someone to know what you look like before they meet you! Your image out there on social media and business through the internet, and on your business card can make or break a transaction. Does your headshot represent you? Some want to have a natural backdrop and some want the more official backdrop. We can accommodate both. Just need a headshot for you only? Can do! Have a dozen or 5 dozen that all need a headshot? Can come to your location and do just that too and you will save $$! Also, for headshots, once you pick YOUR favorite image, I edit one last time to remove some "time" on your face. I try to explain it like this: I don't make you look 20 years younger, instead I edit to make you look how others see you as they shake your hand. I edit you to be the best you, not someone you are not. Inquire for pricing. I have several options and if you come to my home office i can do a 15 minute shoot for you too for $125.
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