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Hi Seniors in High School OR College!
I shoot 99% of my clients outdoors. Reason? I love the light & the many backdrop options. I recommend 2 outfit changes + a t-shirt, but you can change clothing as much as you want. Want to incorporate a few friends in your shoot? I can do that & it ends up costing less per person overall. If you play a sport or have an extra-curricular activity, let's work that into the shoot for sure as well! I retouch skin without making the image look like it. I can do a deeper edit on a handful of images for a slight bit extra as well. My included senior shoot editing style is clean & unnoticeable. I know that skin can be an issue. Let's talk about your personal situation. I also want you to look like you, and human beings have pores, and freckles and those details make you YOU but if you want more, like I wrote above we can do that for you on the favorites as an add on. All of our photos will be presented in full color on my website within a week (usually sooner) for you to download and use how you want.

Bring a parent to help with outfits, etc. and ask them to be "ready" so they can jump in a picture or two too! After all, they are so proud of you!

I have online proofing galleries that are password protected yet easy to access. I guarantee 65+ images after editing for a 1/2 hour shoot, and you can print them wherever you like. These are full size, high resolution files. I also offer easy to use printing through our pro lab, and you'll be surprised how affordable our print pricing is. I can do prints, canvases, and other fun stuff! Its pretty simple, but if you have any questions just ask!
I have a prep sheet to remind you of things a newer photographer may not think of as I have 20+ years of working in photography. I also come with a backup camera. Have a particular spot you want? Can do! Bring your cap and gown too, if you want! Do you have a Pinterest page of wanted images you see for yourself? Share with me. I am open to your ideas! 1/2 hour shoot $225. If you want to come to my beautiful neighborhood to save a little $, it is $195. Think you might need more time? 95% of my senior shoots are done in 30-45 minutes so we work out the pricing depending on the time. 45 minutes of shoot time is $325. Can travel within 30 min of my home for the $225 and beyond is just a little more.