Jen Adams Photo | seniors

Seniors: I shoot 100% outdoors. I love natural light & backdrops. I recommend 2 outfit changes, but you can change as much as you want. Want to incorporate a few friends in your shoot? We can do that and it will be less per person overall! And definitely if you are into a sport or extra-curricular activity, let's work that into the shoot for sure! I retouch skin without making you look like an alien. My editing style is clean & simple, but I was a teenager once myself, and I know that skin can be "oh so fun". I also want you to look like you, and human beings have pores, and freckles and that stuff is great. All of our photos will be presented in full color with favorites duplicated in black & white or ask and I will work with your ideas.

Bring a parent to help with outfits, etc. and ask them ready to jump in a picture or two too! After all, they are so proud of you!

I have online proofing galleries that are password protected yet easy to access. I guarantee 100 images after editing, and you can print them wherever you like. These are full size high resolution files. I also offer easy to use printing through our pro lab, and youll be surprised how affordable our print pricing is. I can do prints, canvases, and other fun stuff! Its pretty simple, but if you have any questions just ask!
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